Jan. 31, 2015, 1:37 a.m.


On 3 January, the Innovators Robotics joined the Cougarbots (Team 2665 from Thurgood Marshall) and Robocalypse (Team 3777 from Lima, OH) for the FIRST Robotics Competition kick-off of the 2015 game, “Recycle Rush”. This cooperation allowed the teams to see some of the field elements that are new this year, along with brain-storming and strategizing the play of the game. To help us strategize, we practiced a few games with students on rolling chairs being the robots. The pictures show the practice.

This year’s game is different in that there is no interaction between opposing alliances (each alliance stays on their own side of the arena. As such, the use of bumpers on the robot is optional and is not needed to distinguish alliances.

The game includes totes, bins and trash (swimming pool noodles). Each alliance win points by stacking totes on top of each other in designated areas, by putting bins on top of the totes, and by putting a piece of trash (a noodle) on or in a bin. Also, each alliance can get a point by putting the rest of the trash in the “landfill zone”. Any trash on the field that is not on a bin or in the “landfill zone” gives the opposing alliance four points. See the youtube video for more information on the game.

Recycle Rush Innovators Robotics 3138

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